Bringing Novac and their supercapacitors into the future

The mission

Novac is a startup that invented a revolutionary technology in the electric power space. They design and produce supercapacitors to be combined with batteries, increasing performance and efficiency of electric vehicles, so that they can achieve greater results. The goal was to comunicate their mission to the world.

The outcome

Through analysis and numerous workshops we defined the brand strategy. From there, I designed the Novac visual identity from the ground up, capturing their essence and values in a new logo and brand style guidelines. I then built a highly-effective website that helps educate leads and convert customers.

The impact

Since the brand identity launched, brand awareness went up 67% and Novac raised a significant round of fundings. Also, with the new website, bounce rates dropped, time spent on the site 3x, and the quality of leads overall are more educated and better qualified.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity design
Website design
Webflow development




Landbook site award

Novac empowers electric vehicles compensating batteries’ deficiencies with breakthrough technology, eliminating traditional supercapacitors limitation

Think of batteries like marathon runners. They release energy slowly and gradually. Think of supercapacitors like sprinters, they release all their power in seconds, to achieve high performance. Traditional supercapacitors are dangerous because of liquid state and they take up a lot of space in the vehicle. Novac’s supercap is solid, making it safe, and shapable, so that engineers can reduce significantly the amount of space the supercap needs.




Brand strategy

I worked closely with the Novac team to deeply understand the brand and to lay out an effective brand strategy

I believe strategy is essential to any branding project. A company visual identity needs to be designed based on the specific needs of the company. We ran multiple workshops with the Novac team and interviewed stakeholders, customers, and prospects. This phase turned out to be essential later on both in the visual identity phase and in the website design.

We’ve discovered what the brand is and what it’s really about, defining a clear and comprehensive brand strategy







These are the brand attributes that guided the creation of the visual identity


Sense of energy, power, and efficiency. This is the core of the brand. We want to differentiate, while being appropriate as a brand in the industry.


The Novac team is young and ready to approach challenges in creative and new ways. A modern feel was required for a brand like Novac.


A dynamic feel to the brand is needed for Novac. It's the core of their product and of their customers' products.


Simplicity is at the core of most well done brand identities, but with Novac we really wanted to keep it simple to comunicate their message clearly.


Brand Identity Design

Crafting what the future of electric power looks like.

This branding project was't just about representing the people working at Novac. The goal was to craft the face of electric power, especially of energy storage systems. We discovered this opportunity of approaching the design in the brand strategy phase.

A logo mark to represent the most innovative supercapacitor company

The new mark is a simple symbol, made to convey a sense of solidity and modularity. It’s composed of two opposing elements, coming from the two charges of electricity. The mark also reminds of a capital N.

A flexible identity system that can be adapted anywhere, just like Novac’s technology

The logo mark is simple enough to be applicable in huge dimensions, while still working extremely well in very small applications. I also design the 4 different versions of the logo, so Novac can use the optimal one according to the specific use cases.

Electric Green on Black: the colours of the future of electric power

We explored a vast array of alternatives for the color scheme, but ultimately the choice of the right colours came very natural. The decision was guided by the strategy, specifically the brand attributes.

R:00 G:00 B:00
C:00 M:00 Y:0 K:100
HEX: 000000


R:247 G:247 B:247
C:02 M:01 Y:01 K:00


R:59 G:212 B:174
C:53 M:0 Y:45 K:0


Extending the brand identity: graphic elements and icons inspired from the shape of the logo for enhanced brand recognition

I created custom icons inspired by the shape of the logo, 3d icons, and graphic visual elements. We wanted to build a consistent visual identity that reinforces its values and message to potential clients and partners. These elements can be used in marketing materials, on the company website, and in other communication channels to create a cohesive brand image that sets the company apart from its competitors. This can lead to increased brand awareness and recognition within the industry, which can help to attract new business opportunities and improve customer retention.

Graphic Elements



More than just a website. I created a custom web experience to communicate their innovation and tell Novac’s brand story

The goal wasn't just to explain Novac's product. The goal was also to give a sense of how the team approaches challenges and to express their brand essence. Rather than a simple site, the Novac website is an experience users are taken through.


brand recognition




brand preference

Wrapping it up: a brand that truly represents Novac, that significantly differentiates them from competitors, and that achieved amazing results.